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Alpacas for sale

We have several male/female alpacas for sale … for breeding; for pets; for every budget!

Alpaca Yarn

We also sell our own alpaca yarn, only natural colors.

Alpaca Socks

The benefits of alpaca socks:

  • They Are Warmer (And Cooler Too!)
    Alpaca fiber is particularly unique because it is dense, yet very breathable. Garments made from the fiber are twice as warm as wool, so your feet will stay warm no matter the chilly temperatures outside.
    But it's not just warmth that makes these socks unique. Because the fiber is so breathable, your feet will perspire less and therefore be cooler, even more than cotton. Interestingly, alpaca fiber retains these properties of warmth and coolness even when wet, which is a large contrast to wool and cotton.
  • Durability
    Long known as extremely durable garments, alpaca clothing is often passed down generation to generation. Items will literally last a lifetime, and socks are no exception. Unlike wool and cotton, the fiber does not weaken or diminish with age, assuming proper care.
    You can expect to pay more for a pair of alpaca socks, primarily since the fiber is not as plentiful as more traditional varieties. Yet, they are a tremendous value when durability is factored in.
  • Comfort Is King
    Have you ever owned an itchy wool scarf or sweater? It's because wool is somewhat abrasive to your bare skin. Alpaca fiber is smooth to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic. As a result, your feet will be much more comfortable, even without considering added warmth and breathability.
    Some have described the feel of alpaca socks as silky, almost the exact opposite of wool.